Hey there! I’m a PhD student at Princeton University in the Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences program. My research interests are tropical cyclones, numerical weather prediction, and climate model diagnostics.

Previously, I was at Vanderbilt University researching the use of computational methods in biomedical applications and a NOAA-CESSRST Graduate Fellow at The City College of New York researching the urban boundary layer.


Under review/in preparation

  1. Rios, G.; Ramamurthy, P; Gamarro, H. Observations and analysis of an urban boundary layer and sea breezes during extreme heat events. in preparation
  2. Rios, G. & Ramamurthy, P. Turbulence in the mixed layer over an urban area: a New York City case study. under review, Boundary Layer Meteorology (pdf)


  1. Rios, G. & Ramamurthy, P. (2022). A novel model to estimate sensible heat fluxes in urban areas using satellite-derived data. Remote Sensing of Environment, 270, 112880. (pdf)
  2. Rios, G.; Morrison, R. J.; Song, Y.; Fernando, S. J.; Wootten, C.; Gelbard, A.; & Luo, H. (2020). Computational fluid dynamics analysis of surgical approaches to bilateral vocal fold immobility. The Laryngoscope, 130(2), E57-E64. (pdf)

What I’m listening to